What rivers do you guide?

I guide over 65 miles of the White River below Bull Shoals dam and all of the Norfork River for trout and more than 40 miles of Crooked Creek for small mouth bass.

Do you guide beginners and children?

The answer is MOST DEFINITELY! 
I truly enjoy being on the water with someone new to this sport.  I'm very patient and love to teach.  I fully understand the frustrations a person can go through when learning to fly fish.  But it's not that difficult, if you have someone steering you in the right direction.  Children are a lot of fun on the water!  I should know, I'm the father of three!!

When's the best time to fish these rivers?

The fishing is good year-round on these rivers, so it depends more on your goals or what you enjoy doing.  

  • Catching big fish? Catching a trophy is possible anytime but I recommend winter, shad kill!
  • Taking in the beautiful scenery?  Fall
What flies do you recommend?

Unless you want to use your own, I supply all the flies for guide trips.  Check out my Recommended Flies Chart!

What fishing equipment do you recommend ?

Rods:  4wt. to 5wt. rods work well for swinging soft hackles and dry fly fishing while wading.
5wt. to 6wt. rods are very effective when dead drifting nymph rigs while wading or boating.  
I generally prefer moderate to fast action rods for these rivers.
Fly lines:  Weight forward floating lines will cover almost all situations on our rivers.  Sink tip lines can be handy but not necessary.
Leaders:  3x to 6x mono.(9ft. to 12ft.)
Tippet:  3x to 7x fluorocarbon

What kind of fish will we catch?

You'll primarily catch medium size rainbows, with an occasional brown, cutthroat or brook trout.  But, don't let that statement mislead you, because there is always the opportunity to catch one of the largest browns in the world!

While fishing Crooked Creek, you'll primarily catch native small mouth bass, with the occasional large mouth bass and probably a few perch.